Phantom Synchron

📢 Site-specific soundscapes performed together by audiences and musicians 👟 Weimar, 2015 🏠 Kunstfest Weimar 🐯 with Daniel Ott, Kirsten Reese, Enrico Stolzenburg
Audience members participate in performing the live soundscape

Together with Composers Kirsten Reese and Daniel Ott and Theater Director Enrico Stolzenburg I realized a playful site-specific music project for Kunstfest Weimar in Summer 2015.

The audience used mobile speakers with individual, synchronized soundtracks to take on the role of instrumentalists playing along-side an ensemble of professional musicians and community groups, collaboratively realizing a series of avant-garde musical compositions written for 6 places in the city of Weimar.

On the way to one of the soundscape locations
Local sports associations were involved and integrated into the compositions
A musician in a former jail, one of the soundscape locations

Here's a Medium post explaining the concept in detail.

More photos