📢 What kind of park do we want our city to become? 👟 Berlin, 2011 🏠 HAU Berlin 🐯 with Lukas Matthaei and Invisible Playground members Josa Gerhard, Anna Hentschel and Christiane Hütter 🔗 website
Players posing for photos in an installation showing border crossing Checkpoint Charlie at Spreepark, the former amusement park

A city-wide game about turning Berlin into a “total” park, realized in 2011 for Lunapark festival by HAU Theater, in collaboration with theator director Lukas Matthaei, scenografer Doris Dziersk, graphic designer Michael Rudolph, as well as Anna Hentschel, Christiane Hütter and Josa Gerhard from Invisible Playground.

Starting off in a real abandoned amusement park, the game spread over a wide range of locations throughout the city. See the game website for details.