Tracing Remembrance

📢 Playfully exploring the history of Nazi forced labour in Leipzig 👟 Leipzig, 2022 🏠 Theater der Jungen Welt 🐯 with Florian Heller, Nina Westerdahl, Cosmea Spelleken 🔗 website

Finding ideal places for working and living in the future via a telepathic vibe scan - that's the concept of the new Leipzig-based startup "Vibezig". But how to deal with the memories that begin appearing in places previously thought to be historically unencumbered?

For TDJW, game designer and curator Sebastian Quack creates a new approach to the history of forced labor in Nazi Leipzig and to the debate about memory culture. Players move through the city with their smartphones. As scouts of the fictional startup, they accept jobs via app, check out the vibe of locations, and are drawn deeper and deeper into the question of how to deal with the memories attached to these places: Who has an interest in preserving them? What opportunities do they offer? And who would prefer to simply erase them?

More information about the project can be found here.