Wir Würden Hier Sein

📢 A sleep-over in a bunker and an early morning hike through parallel urban realities 👟 Zürich, 2013 🏠 Gessnerallee Zürich 🐯 with Invisible Playground members Anna Hentschel and Josa Gerhard 🔗 website
A group of hikers with radio headsets crossing a bridge in the early morning hours

Collaborating with musician Josa Gerhard and scenographer Anna Hentschel from Invisible Playground and artist/programmer Holger Heissmeyer, I spent several weeks in Zürich to build up a club of local "world building" experts from urban planning, literature, the financial sector to unusual hobbies. The "Uchronic Research Society" met to collaboratively and explored how Zürich would look today if history had at some point taken a different direction.

Out of this material, we created an early morning hiking tour leading from uchronia to uchronia and accompanied on radio headphones by a soundtrack with music by composer Ruedi Häusermann. Participants spent the night in a bunker and hiked from before sunrise to around noon.

Scene from a segment of the hike in a natural history museum in Zürich