📢 A contemplative history toy for a science/culture festival 👟 Berlin, 2016 🏠 Humboldt University Berlin 🐯 with Nina Lund Westerdahl 🔗 website
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Together with artist Nina Lund Westerdahl, I made a contemplative history toy for a science/culture festival in Berlin, with online and offline components.

During the 10 days of the festival in June 2016, the game followed the histories of Berlin and Baghdad, creating a shared time travel narrative for the audience.

Players influenced the development of the two cities by moving artifacts, people and ideas back and forth between the two timelines - using a mysterious teleporter that could be found at each of the festival venues all over the city, or the games website.

Physical installation at one of the festival venues
Another gameplay location
Online play followed the slowly unfolding timelines of Berlin and Baghdad

You can still see the game's outcome at zeitstromland.de (Chrome browser recommended).