Field Office

📢 Travelling infrastructure for site-specific game design 👟 Budapest, Prague, Cph, 2011 🏠 PLACCC Festival, 4+4 Days in Motion, Metropolis 🐯 with Invisible Playground 🔗 website
The entrance to Field Office Budapest, located in a former fruit shop at Nyugati underpass

Developed in 2011 with Jennifer Aksu, Viktor Bedö, Daniel Boy, Josa Gerhard and Anna Hentschel from Invisible Playground for PLACCC Festival Budapest and 4+4 Days in Motion Festival in Prague. A third edition including Christiane Hütter was realized for Metropolis Festival Copenhagen in 2013.

In the Field Office, a group of local and international artists create games that take place in and address themes related to the immediate urban environment around the office.

The format combines a temporary workspace for making site-specific games with a three week participatory research design process and culminates in a launch event where a series of new games are played in a tour format.

The process is documented online. Have a look!